I M Wood Stoves Ltd


Installation of Stoves and Fireplaces

The Appliance.

There are various types of wood burning stoves, they come in various shapes, styles, colours and sizes. Depending on your installation needs you will have to choose one that meets those needs. free standing, inset, or fire opening.  Once you have an idea the next thing to confirm is your Heat output which is calculated in KW   Killowatts.  With your choice of stove and heat output, now you need to consider the actual pysical size.  There are some other considerations including combustable distances from the appliance and flue, low or high temp hearth, flue sizes, flue routes, flue termination, free air provisions, wet or dry installation and many more.  

The Installation.

Your appliance will need a chimney for it to function safely and efficently. The three main ways to provide a chimney for your appliance are;

        1- A prefabricated chimney such as isokern. Built up with brickwork during the installation process.

        2- A twin walled stainless steel chimney liner inserted down the chimney, connected to your appliance and the top of your chimney.

        3- A stainless steel twin walled and insulated chimney system, used where a chimney is not available, it can go outside or inside your property. It has excellent efficiencies and is very safe near combustable materials.


The appliance will need to be on a hearth of non combustable material, although the dimmensions will depend on your situation and appliance choice.

IMG_0546 stovax riva